//Lighting Equipment That Every DJ Should Own

Lighting Equipment That Every DJ Should Own

Lighting Equipment That Every DJ Should Own

If you plan on becoming a DJ then you should take note of these lighting options that you can use:

1. Wash Lights:

This type of lighting is used to create an ambience or mood for an event. Wash lights transform a wall or other area from plain to colored. Wash lights can be static or moving, and groups of them can be used to light a stage area with different colors. These are also typically called flood lights.

Two other types of wash lights that are often used are PAR cans and bar or strip lights. PAR cans come in different sizes and are the most common choice when a narrow beam is needed. They also have different levels of brightness and are used for dance floors or other large areas. The strip or bar lights have a longer length than width and are used on dance floors. Read Source Here

2. Strobe and Laser Effects:

Strobe effects use a pulsing white light beam to create a visual stuttering effect similar to viewing old-time films. They’re very popular in dance clubs and are available with both traditional filament bulbs as well as LEDs in a range of power levels to match various venues. You can choose from standalone models or DMX-controlled strobes that can be programmed with custom patterns. Sound-activated models can create a particularly exciting ambience on the dancefloor. Note that many LED PAR cans and effects lighting fixtures include strobing functions that may be adequate for your needs. Read Source Here

3. ADJ Lights:

Start out with some simple lights, like an LED bar or an LED RGB light. With the ADJ lights we had on the guides, you can easily remote control them via an ADJ infra-red remote, which is a really ice simple way to begin. So when you decide you’d like to go DMX, the first thing to do is not make the mistake of invest in a very small DMX controller. While such units may be simple to use, you will run out of options rather fast. The DMX controller I used for this guide was the Elation DMX Operator II. While it is a more advanced unit and has lots of options, I consider it very beginner friendly, as almost all features are easily accessed by dedicated buttons and the user manual has step by step instructions for all your needs. Read Source Here

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