Stage light uses a digital signal control, using the more common international DMX512 control protocol. Each lamp is necessary to have a code of their own, the console command issued by this code to identify each light. Fixtures encoder is usually installed in the tail lamp (computer scanning light) or lamp base (moving head style fixtures) position. Now commonly used encoder are digital and switch style.

Digital encoder is relatively simple to set up, usually by the encoder menu, scroll to the address set by page, and then use “+” (up / ∧) on the encoder “-” (down / ∨) symbol key to change the number of size, determined, by pressing the “ENTER” key. For example, a computer with a 20-channel light. The first light start address code is 1, it is set to “001”; The second light start address code is 21, it is set to “021”; and so on, the twenty-one light starting address code is 401, it is set to “401.” Now the common fixtures is using above encoding.

In addition, many light uses a switch encoder, which is made up of 9 small two-position switch(there are exceptions), when the switch is in the “on” position, it indicates that the value of this rocker switches code come into play. For example: to set the light which start address code is 1, it will switch to “1” at the “on”; To set the light which start address code is 41, it will switch to “1”, “4” and “6” placed “on”; and so on, you can set addresses codes of all lights.


Write by: ERA Lighting